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08/21/14: Attending the class reunion committee meeting today at Mellow Mushroom were Toni Garrison Robert, Melissa Carrell Craig, Jeanne Duke Payne, Geri Bush Elliott, Annette Julian Crawford, Susan E. Lamb, Lee Johnson Lott and myself.

* Jeanne had small signs produced that promote the free golf balls with a $5 minimum donation to the scholarship fun. They will be placed as reminders during the various events over the weekend.

* Toni has contacted the Decatur Daily to have a photographer present at the Decatur Country Club on Saturday evening for taking pictures of those attending. She should hear back with a confirmation tomorrow.

* Annette and Melissa discussed floral decorations and Geri will have a banner printed up welcoming everyone to the reunion.

* Susan stated that donations will be accepted Friday and Saturday night for our scholarship. We have only collected about $300 to date, but are hoping to raise at least $1,974 to provide to a deserving student.

* We also want to note that your payment for the dinner in advance is most appreciated, as planning will be made on the amounts received prior to the event. If you wait to pay at the door, we cannot be certain that a sufficient amount of food will be available.

08/07/14: The Reunion Committee met tonight at Mellow Mushroom: Calvin McBride, David Seymour, Toni Garrison Robert, Geri Bush Elliott, Kathy Harland,

Annette Julian Crawford, Jeanne Duke Payne, Kathy Counts, and myself (Melissa

Carrell Craig was in attendance briefly, but had to leave).

Topics included:

1. It was noted that the current Saturday evening dinner head count is now 75 from the attendee form data, plus input of two classmates at the meeting.

2. Reminder, the Saturday morning breakfast originally set up by David for the golfers is available to anyone.  Cost is $9 per person.  Please let him know by email ( or Facebook message if you plan to attend.

3. Calvin states that the DJ is confirmed for the Saturday evening dinner.

4. The discussion came up about the "no shorts" stipulation announced in earlier planning sessions - this is for the dinner ONLY.  Shorts will be permitted for all of the other events.

5. Free commemorative DHS Class of 1974 golf balls will be available for a minimum $5 donation to the Scholarship Fund.

6. Geri is going to the Decatur Country Club tomorrow to finalize the dinner menu.  The desserts we have been told will be: coconut cream pie, apple cobbler and 'death by chocolate'.  Any requested changes need to be sent to her by 1pm on 8/8/14 (tomorrow).

7. The next meeting of the reunion committee will be in two weeks, at 5:30pm on August 21st at Mellow Mushroom.

07/11/14:  All - PLEASE READ:

After the committee meeting yesterday, David and I spoke of the registration form. Since we are planning several events, some may only be able to attend part of them, with or without guests. We felt a need to determine how many may be at each event, and also allow one another to see who may be going to what. With that, I have prepared a new form based off Google Drive. Before I release it, I hope to finalize some information. Toni, the impromptu Friday Meet-N-Greet will need a time and location. Lee, can we get a committed approval for access to DHS on Sunday, Aug. 31 for a tour and worship service? When I can get the form finalized, it will be important for EVERYONE to fill it out for EACH ACTIVITY, even if you have already indicated that you are coming. You will also have the opportunity to state if you are NOT coming, as well as providing your most current contact information. Thanks!

07/10/14:  Enjoyed a class reunion meeting at Mellow Mushroom with Melissa Carrell Craig, Annette Julian Crawford, Kathy Harland, Carol Smith Neeley, Calvin McBride, David Seymour and Toni Garrison Robert. Updates are below:

• Current funds are about $1800. PLEASE get your registration and money into us as soon as possible so that we can continue to plan correctly for the events.

• Jane has suggested the use of picture name tags for classmates and their guests, so we will be able to know who everyone is, since some people may not have seen one another after 40 years. The cost has been factored, and we agreed it can be done within the expected expenses.

• Pending approval for access to the school, there is a tentative tour planned for 10AM on Sunday, followed by a service at 10:30 that David Seymour has agreed to lead.

• An impromptu "Meet-N-Greet" for Friday night, prior to the scheduled activities has been discussed. More on this as additional planning and the location are to be determined.

• Next committee meetings are slated for August 7th & 21st.

• >>> Please feel free to add your comments and suggestions to the above items via the Facebook page or email me to add them.

04/23/2014:  Click HERE to see the details of the class golf outing Saturday, August 30th at Point Mallard.

03/06/2014:  Eight class members met to continue our reunion planning (Annette, Brenda, Calvin, Jeanne, Jim, Kathy, Susan and Toni).  We have discussed options for a scholarship that we could provide in memory of our deceased classmates.  Jeanne said everything is in place for Decatur High School to maintain it so there would be no overhead involved, and no gift is too small.  There is still talk of extending the evening activities beyond 10pm, but that has not been verified, in additional to possibly having a photographer, if you want pictures with your spouse or a group of friends made.  It may also be possible to tour DHS on one of the two days, if we wish to pursue that (let us know your thoughts).  Clothing was brought up again - as decided earlier, jeans will be permitted.  We are encouraging everyone to want to feel comfortable.  We will look into getting a block of rooms reserved for out-of-towners at one of the local hotels, and the two MOST IMPORTANT...  SPREAD THE WORD - we need to reach as many as we can.  Get email, phone, address, whatever.. so we have a way to contact, and BEGIN SENDING IN YOUR MONEY to Susan Lamb (see 2/15 entry, below) in order for us to continue to finalize the events.

02/17/2014:  Reunion Saturday August 30th, 6-10 PM at Decatur Country Club. We are talking about trying to extend it until maybe 11 or 12 pm. Picnic Sunday August 31st, 12-3 PM @ Wolverine Park Pavilion.

02/15/2014:  Here is the menu for the reunion... Chicken Marsala, roast beef and gravy, green beans almandine, oven roasted red potatoes, spinach casserole, rice pilaf and a cheese tray.  We estimated the cost for everything for the whole shooting match will be $50 per person. Susan Lamb will be taking care of the registration.  Please send your check or MO to her at 810 Island Way ‪#‎C,‬ Decatur, AL 35601.  She can also be reached at 256-353-2097 or 714-654-5532. Email:

11/14/2013:  OK folks, Calvin, Toni, and I were the only ones to make the planned meeting today at Mellow Mushroom. In addition to talking about old times, we referred back to some notes on the 30th Reunion, and came up with the following:

1) Suggest Saturday night event be held from 6-10pm whereas we had it from 7-11pm last time.

2) Same hors d'oeuvres we had last time - will need to get a cost for these.

3) Have a DJ to play 1965-75 era music from 7 to 9pm. Cost is estimated at $175/hr.

4) No shorts (same as before), but jeans will be allowed.

5) Do we want to have a Sunday event? Suggestions have been a picnic or booking the Memphis Belle for a short river cruise (need cost appraisals).

6) Admission for 30th Reunion was $60/couple and $30/single; will attempt to keep it the same, but this is subject to change depending on events and costs.

In case you have not read, we do have at least $300 left over from the 30th Reunion to apply as a deposit towards the $600 required by the Decatur Country Club - again this DOES NOT include food or bar drinks.

What we need now from EACH OF YOU is input. Please do not read this and not reply in some fashion. Either comment here, send me a message on FB, or to my email. If you know of anyone that is not yet a member of this group, or is not on FB, then alert them to these items. Also, we will use FB and email to conduct notifications to alleviate postal costs. Please be sure we have current email for anyone you know; check DHS74_Email.htm for the most current listings.

10/29/2013:  After some discussion, a couple of dates were kicked around on Facebook, and the consensus seemed to favor August 30, 2014 (Labor Day weekend) with the venue being the Decatur Country Club once again.  We will need to arrange to have a $300 deposit to them by the end of the year if possible.

Here is the PayPal link to donate to our Memorial Scholarship fund

(Remember, no gift is too small):

For the DHS 74 40th Reunion Registration Form

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(IMPORTANT:  Please fill out even if you are not coming to the Reunion)


Here is the PayPal link to directly purchase your Reunion admission

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2014 40th Reunion Planning Highlights

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