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August 07, 2005

Just when you think you have a handle on things, along comes something bigger to grab a hold of.  Now, my family's property is endangered...


Actual article covered part of the front page, A6 & A7, with additional quotes from my mother and myself, along with a picture of me in front of a neighbor's pecan tree (which we've consumed from for years).

February 1, 2005

After a break for the holidays we are ready to resume our Bible Study at the Wheeler Basin Library in Decatur. We are meeting on the first Monday night of each month at 6:30 PM.

· February 7
· March 7
· April 4
· May 2

This Monday night we will be talking about how to make this year the best year of your life, a “Year of Overflow”. 

Look forward to seeing you there.

Your friend,

David Seymour

Dear Classmate,

Just a quick note to inform you of our third Bible Study which we are holding at
the Wheeler Basin Library in Decatur on Monday, December 6 at 6:30 PM.

I know that your schedule is very busy this time of year; however, I ask that
you take a few minutes and pray to see if this is something you need to be a
part.  The first two Bible Studies have been great (I have been very pleased
with the participation of those in attendance).  These meetings would be even
better with you there.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Your friend,
David Seymour