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40th Reunion Planning Updates. . . . 

~~> You can also follow the 40th Reunion discussion on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/185136811674580/

11/14/2013:  OK folks, Calvin, Toni, and I were the only ones to make the planned meeting today at Mellow Mushroom. In addition to talking about old times, we referred back to some notes on the 30th Reunion, and came up with the following:

1) Suggest Saturday night event be held from 6-10pm whereas we had it from 7-11pm last time.
2) Same hors d'oeuvres we had last time - will need to get a cost for these.
3) Have a DJ to play 1965-75 era music from 7 to 9pm. Cost is estimated at $175/hr.
4) No shorts (same as before), but jeans will be allowed.
5) Do we want to have a Sunday event? Suggestions have been a picnic or booking the Memphis Belle for a short river cruise (need cost appraisals).
6) Admission for 30th Reunion was $60/couple and $30/single; will attempt to keep it the same, but this is subject to change depending on events and costs.

In case you have not read, we do have at least $300 left over from the 30th Reunion to apply as a deposit towards the $600 required by the Decatur Country Club - again this DOES NOT include food or bar drinks.

What we need now from EACH OF YOU is input. Please do not read this and not reply in some fashion. Either comment here, send me a message on FB, or to my email. If you know of anyone that is not yet a member of this group, or is not on FB, then alert them to these items. Also, we will use FB and email to conduct notifications to alleviate postal costs. Please be sure we have current email for anyone you know; check http://www.dycom.us/dhs74/ DHS74_Email.htm for the most current listings.


10/29/2013:  After some discussion, a couple of dates were kicked around on Facebook, and the consensus seemed to favor August 30, 2014 (Labor Day weekend) with the venue being the Decatur Country Club once again.  We will need to arrange to have a $300 deposit to them by the end of the year if possible.

December 2013

The class wishes to express our most sincere sympathy to Michael Washburn and family at the recent passing of his father, Johnny Ray Washburn.

October 2013

The class wishes to express our most sincere sympathy to Patricia Christopher and family at the recent passing of her father, Lynn Christopher, Jr.

March 2013

The class wishes to express our most sincere sympathy to Bob Blackwell and family at the recent passing of his mother, Sarah "Betty" Hunter Blackwell.