Photo Album

These are some of our pictures.  We take them of just about
everything, but many are of our pets.  Some are scans from
pictures we had; however, we recently got a digital camera
(a Fujifilm DS-7), so we hope to be adding to the gallery
soon.  Check back for updates.

T.C. - born 8/2/98
One of 3 almost identical kittens born
to a new addition of the household.
He has one gold eye and one blue eye.

Kriska - died 10/20/98
A Lab & Chow mix...
We only had her 10 short months before
she died of parvovirus.  A nasty illness.

D.D., Blackie, and Nicholas enjoying
the warmth of the kerosene heater
last winter.

Some of our friends over for a visit.

The view south from our back yard.

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