Pets as of June 29, 2011

~ Candid shots of all pets taken within a 3 minute period ~

(this is my " zoo "...)


<<<  Blackie

obtained: January, 1997

found living under a house I was renting

Mushroom  >>>

obtained: September, 1998

received from friends who could not keep her

<<<  Gypsy

obtained: November, 2000

received from vet; one of a litter up for adoption

Sheba  >>>

born: January, 2001

(daughter of Mushroom)

<<< C.C.

obtained: July, 2004

followed mother in the back door one Sunday afternoon

Ali  >>>

obtained: May, 2005

(my mother's cat she got from her beautician) 

<<< Obie

obtained: July, 2010

received from persons giving up for adoption via an ad in the newspaper

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